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package pods

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/apis/core/pods"


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func ConvertDownwardAPIFieldLabel Uses

func ConvertDownwardAPIFieldLabel(version, label, value string) (string, string, error)

ConvertDownwardAPIFieldLabel converts the specified downward API field label and its value in the pod of the specified version to the internal version, and returns the converted label and value. This function returns an error if the conversion fails.

func VisitContainersWithPath Uses

func VisitContainersWithPath(podSpec *api.PodSpec, specPath *field.Path, visitor ContainerVisitorWithPath) bool

VisitContainersWithPath invokes the visitor function with a pointer to the spec of every container in the given pod spec and the field.Path to that container. If visitor returns false, visiting is short-circuited. VisitContainersWithPath returns true if visiting completes, false if visiting was short-circuited.

type ContainerVisitorWithPath Uses

type ContainerVisitorWithPath func(container *api.Container, path *field.Path) bool

ContainerVisitorWithPath is called with each container and the field.Path to that container, and returns true if visiting should continue.

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