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package authorizer

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubeapiserver/authorizer"


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type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    AuthorizationModes []string

    // Path to an ABAC policy file.
    PolicyFile string

    // Kubeconfig file for Webhook authorization plugin.
    WebhookConfigFile string
    // API version of subject access reviews to send to the webhook (e.g. "v1", "v1beta1")
    WebhookVersion string
    // TTL for caching of authorized responses from the webhook server.
    WebhookCacheAuthorizedTTL time.Duration
    // TTL for caching of unauthorized responses from the webhook server.
    WebhookCacheUnauthorizedTTL time.Duration

    VersionedInformerFactory versionedinformers.SharedInformerFactory

Config contains the data on how to authorize a request to the Kube API Server

func (Config) New Uses

func (config Config) New() (authorizer.Authorizer, authorizer.RuleResolver, error)

New returns the right sort of union of multiple authorizer.Authorizer objects based on the authorizationMode or an error.



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