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package apps

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubectl/apps"


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type GroupKindElement Uses

type GroupKindElement schema.GroupKind

GroupKindElement defines a Kubernetes API group elem

func (GroupKindElement) Accept Uses

func (elem GroupKindElement) Accept(visitor KindVisitor) error

Accept calls the Visit method on visitor that corresponds to elem's Kind

func (GroupKindElement) GroupMatch Uses

func (elem GroupKindElement) GroupMatch(groups ...string) bool

GroupMatch returns true if and only if elem's group matches one of the group arguments

type KindVisitor Uses

type KindVisitor interface {
    VisitDaemonSet(kind GroupKindElement)
    VisitDeployment(kind GroupKindElement)
    VisitJob(kind GroupKindElement)
    VisitPod(kind GroupKindElement)
    VisitReplicaSet(kind GroupKindElement)
    VisitReplicationController(kind GroupKindElement)
    VisitStatefulSet(kind GroupKindElement)
    VisitCronJob(kind GroupKindElement)

KindVisitor is used with GroupKindElement to call a particular function depending on the Kind of a schema.GroupKind

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