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package checkpoint

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/cm/devicemanager/checkpoint"


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type Data Uses

type Data struct {
    Data     checkpointData
    Checksum checksum.Checksum

Data holds checkpoint data and its checksum

func (*Data) GetData Uses

func (cp *Data) GetData() ([]PodDevicesEntry, map[string][]string)

GetData returns device entries and registered devices

func (*Data) MarshalCheckpoint Uses

func (cp *Data) MarshalCheckpoint() ([]byte, error)

MarshalCheckpoint returns marshalled data

func (*Data) UnmarshalCheckpoint Uses

func (cp *Data) UnmarshalCheckpoint(blob []byte) error

UnmarshalCheckpoint returns unmarshalled data

func (*Data) VerifyChecksum Uses

func (cp *Data) VerifyChecksum() error

VerifyChecksum verifies that passed checksum is same as calculated checksum

type DeviceManagerCheckpoint Uses

type DeviceManagerCheckpoint interface {
    GetData() ([]PodDevicesEntry, map[string][]string)

DeviceManagerCheckpoint defines the operations to retrieve pod devices

func New Uses

func New(devEntries []PodDevicesEntry,
    devices map[string][]string) DeviceManagerCheckpoint

New returns an instance of Checkpoint

type DevicesPerNUMA Uses

type DevicesPerNUMA map[int64][]string

DevicesPerNUMA represents device ids obtained from device plugin per NUMA node id

func NewDevicesPerNUMA Uses

func NewDevicesPerNUMA() DevicesPerNUMA

NewDevicesPerNUMA is a function that creates DevicesPerNUMA map

func (DevicesPerNUMA) Devices Uses

func (dev DevicesPerNUMA) Devices() sets.String

Devices is a function that returns all device ids for all NUMA nodes and represent it as sets.String

type PodDevicesEntry Uses

type PodDevicesEntry struct {
    PodUID        string
    ContainerName string
    ResourceName  string
    DeviceIDs     DevicesPerNUMA
    AllocResp     []byte

PodDevicesEntry connects pod information to devices

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