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package custommetrics

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/custommetrics"

Package custommetrics contains support for instrumenting cAdvisor to gather custom metrics from pods.


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const (
    // CustomMetricsDefinitionContainerFile is the file in container that stores Custom Metrics definition
    CustomMetricsDefinitionContainerFile = "definition.json"

    // CustomMetricsDefinitionDir is the dir where Custom Metrics definition is stored
    CustomMetricsDefinitionDir = "/etc/custom-metrics"

func GetCAdvisorCustomMetricsDefinitionPath Uses

func GetCAdvisorCustomMetricsDefinitionPath(container *v1.Container) (*string, error)

GetCAdvisorCustomMetricsDefinitionPath returns a path to a cAdvisor-specific custom metrics configuration. Alpha implementation.

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