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package testing

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/runtimeclass/testing"


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const (
    // SandboxRuntimeClass is a valid RuntimeClass pre-populated in the populated dynamic client.
    SandboxRuntimeClass = "sandbox"
    // SandboxRuntimeHandler is the handler associated with the SandboxRuntimeClass.
    SandboxRuntimeHandler = "kata-containers"

    // EmptyRuntimeClass is a valid RuntimeClass without a handler pre-populated in the populated dynamic client.
    EmptyRuntimeClass = "native"

func NewPopulatedClient Uses

func NewPopulatedClient() clientset.Interface

NewPopulatedClient creates a fake client for use with the runtimeclass.Manager, and populates it with a few test RuntimeClass objects.

func NewRuntimeClass Uses

func NewRuntimeClass(name, handler string) *nodev1.RuntimeClass

NewRuntimeClass is a helper to generate a RuntimeClass resource with the given name & handler.

func StartManagerSync Uses

func StartManagerSync(m *runtimeclass.Manager) func()

StartManagerSync starts the manager, and waits for the informer cache to sync. Returns a function to stop the manager, which should be called with a defer:

defer StartManagerSync(t, m)()

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