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package debugger

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/scheduler/internal/cache/debugger"


Package Files

comparer.go debugger.go dumper.go signal.go

type CacheComparer Uses

type CacheComparer struct {
    NodeLister corelisters.NodeLister
    PodLister  corelisters.PodLister
    Cache      internalcache.Cache
    PodQueue   internalqueue.SchedulingQueue

CacheComparer is an implementation of the Scheduler's cache comparer.

func (*CacheComparer) Compare Uses

func (c *CacheComparer) Compare() error

Compare compares the nodes and pods of NodeLister with Cache.Snapshot.

func (*CacheComparer) CompareNodes Uses

func (c *CacheComparer) CompareNodes(nodes []*v1.Node, nodeinfos map[string]*framework.NodeInfo) (missed, redundant []string)

CompareNodes compares actual nodes with cached nodes.

func (*CacheComparer) ComparePods Uses

func (c *CacheComparer) ComparePods(pods, waitingPods []*v1.Pod, nodeinfos map[string]*framework.NodeInfo) (missed, redundant []string)

ComparePods compares actual pods with cached pods.

type CacheDebugger Uses

type CacheDebugger struct {
    Comparer CacheComparer
    Dumper   CacheDumper

CacheDebugger provides ways to check and write cache information for debugging.

func New Uses

func New(
    nodeLister corelisters.NodeLister,
    podLister corelisters.PodLister,
    cache internalcache.Cache,
    podQueue internalqueue.SchedulingQueue,
) *CacheDebugger

New creates a CacheDebugger.

func (*CacheDebugger) ListenForSignal Uses

func (d *CacheDebugger) ListenForSignal(stopCh <-chan struct{})

ListenForSignal starts a goroutine that will trigger the CacheDebugger's behavior when the process receives SIGINT (Windows) or SIGUSER2 (non-Windows).

type CacheDumper Uses

type CacheDumper struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CacheDumper writes some information from the scheduler cache and the scheduling queue to the scheduler logs for debugging purposes.

func (*CacheDumper) DumpAll Uses

func (d *CacheDumper) DumpAll()

DumpAll writes cached nodes and scheduling queue information to the scheduler logs.

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