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package snapshot

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/scheduler/nodeinfo/snapshot"


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func CreateNodeInfoMap Uses

func CreateNodeInfoMap(pods []*v1.Pod, nodes []*v1.Node) map[string]*schedulernodeinfo.NodeInfo

CreateNodeInfoMap obtains a list of pods and pivots that list into a map where the keys are node names and the values are the aggregated information for that node.

type Snapshot Uses

type Snapshot struct {
    // NodeInfoMap a map of node name to a snapshot of its NodeInfo.
    NodeInfoMap map[string]*schedulernodeinfo.NodeInfo
    // NodeInfoList is the list of nodes as ordered in the cache's nodeTree.
    NodeInfoList []*schedulernodeinfo.NodeInfo
    // HavePodsWithAffinityNodeInfoList is the list of nodes with at least one pod declaring affinity terms.
    HavePodsWithAffinityNodeInfoList []*schedulernodeinfo.NodeInfo
    Generation                       int64

Snapshot is a snapshot of cache NodeInfo and NodeTree order. The scheduler takes a snapshot at the beginning of each scheduling cycle and uses it for its operations in that cycle.

func NewEmptySnapshot Uses

func NewEmptySnapshot() *Snapshot

NewEmptySnapshot initializes a Snapshot struct and returns it.

func NewSnapshot Uses

func NewSnapshot(nodeInfoMap map[string]*schedulernodeinfo.NodeInfo) *Snapshot

NewSnapshot initializes a Snapshot struct and returns it.

func (*Snapshot) ListNodes Uses

func (s *Snapshot) ListNodes() []*v1.Node

ListNodes returns the list of nodes in the snapshot.

func (*Snapshot) NodeInfos Uses

func (s *Snapshot) NodeInfos() schedulerlisters.NodeInfoLister

NodeInfos returns a NodeInfoLister.

func (*Snapshot) Pods Uses

func (s *Snapshot) Pods() schedulerlisters.PodLister

Pods returns a PodLister

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