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package csimigration

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/volume/csimigration"


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func CheckMigrationFeatureFlags Uses

func CheckMigrationFeatureFlags(f featuregate.FeatureGate, pluginMigration, pluginMigrationComplete featuregate.Feature) error

CheckMigrationFeatureFlags checks the configuration of feature flags related to CSI Migration is valid

func TranslateInTreeSpecToCSI Uses

func TranslateInTreeSpecToCSI(spec *volume.Spec, translator InTreeToCSITranslator) (*volume.Spec, error)

TranslateInTreeSpecToCSI translates a volume spec (either PV or inline volume) supported by an in-tree plugin to CSI

type InTreeToCSITranslator Uses

type InTreeToCSITranslator interface {
    TranslateInTreePVToCSI(pv *v1.PersistentVolume) (*v1.PersistentVolume, error)
    TranslateInTreeInlineVolumeToCSI(volume *v1.Volume) (*v1.PersistentVolume, error)

InTreeToCSITranslator performs translation of Volume sources for PV and Volume objects from references to in-tree plugins to migrated CSI plugins

type PluginManager Uses

type PluginManager struct {

PluginManager keeps track of migrated state of in-tree plugins

func NewPluginManager Uses

func NewPluginManager(m PluginNameMapper) PluginManager

NewPluginManager returns a new PluginManager instance

func (PluginManager) IsMigratable Uses

func (pm PluginManager) IsMigratable(spec *volume.Spec) (bool, error)

IsMigratable indicates whether CSI migration has been enabled for a volume plugin that the spec refers to

func (PluginManager) IsMigrationCompleteForPlugin Uses

func (pm PluginManager) IsMigrationCompleteForPlugin(pluginName string) bool

IsMigrationCompleteForPlugin indicates whether CSI migration has been completed for a particular storage plugin

func (PluginManager) IsMigrationEnabledForPlugin Uses

func (pm PluginManager) IsMigrationEnabledForPlugin(pluginName string) bool

IsMigrationEnabledForPlugin indicates whether CSI migration has been enabled for a particular storage plugin

type PluginNameMapper Uses

type PluginNameMapper interface {
    GetInTreePluginNameFromSpec(pv *v1.PersistentVolume, vol *v1.Volume) (string, error)
    GetCSINameFromInTreeName(pluginName string) (string, error)

PluginNameMapper contains utility methods to retrieve names of plugins that support a spec, map intree <=> migrated CSI plugin names, etc

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