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package apimachinery

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/apimachinery"


Package Files

aggregator.go certs.go chunking.go crd_conversion_webhook.go crd_publish_openapi.go crd_watch.go custom_resource_definition.go discovery.go etcd_failure.go events.go flowcontrol.go framework.go garbage_collector.go generated_clientset.go health_handlers.go namespace.go protocol.go resource_quota.go server_version.go storage_version.go table_conversion.go watch.go webhook.go


var (

    // CronJobGroupVersionResource unambiguously identifies a CronJob resource.
    CronJobGroupVersionResource = schema.GroupVersionResource{Group: batchv1beta1.GroupName, Version: "v1beta1", Resource: "cronjobs"}

func SIGDescribe Uses

func SIGDescribe(text string, body func()) bool

SIGDescribe annotates the test with the SIG label.

func TestSampleAPIServer Uses

func TestSampleAPIServer(f *framework.Framework, aggrclient *aggregatorclient.Clientset, image string)

TestSampleAPIServer is a basic test if the sample-apiserver code from 1.10 and compiled against 1.10 will work on the current Aggregator/API-Server.

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