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package common

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/common"


Package Files

configmap.go configmap_volume.go container.go container_probe.go docker_containers.go downward_api.go downwardapi_volume.go empty_dir.go expansion.go host_path.go init_container.go kubelet.go kubelet_etc_hosts.go lease.go lifecycle_hook.go networking.go node_lease.go pods.go podtemplates.go privileged.go projected_combined.go projected_configmap.go projected_downwardapi.go projected_secret.go runtime.go runtimeclass.go secrets.go secrets_volume.go security_context.go sysctl.go util.go volumes.go


const (
    ContainerStatusRetryTimeout = time.Minute * 5
    ContainerStatusPollInterval = time.Second * 1


var CommonImageWhiteList = sets.NewString(

CommonImageWhiteList is the list of images used in common test. These images should be prepulled before a tests starts, so that the tests won't fail due image pulling flakes. Currently, this is only used by node e2e test. TODO(random-liu): Change the image puller pod to use similar mechanism.

func GetContainerStartedTime Uses

func GetContainerStartedTime(p *v1.Pod, containerName string) (time.Time, error)

func GetTransitionTimeForReadyCondition Uses

func GetTransitionTimeForReadyCondition(p *v1.Pod) (time.Time, error)

func NewRCByName Uses

func NewRCByName(c clientset.Interface, ns, name string, replicas int32, gracePeriod *int64, containerArgs []string) (*v1.ReplicationController, error)

NewRCByName creates a replication controller with a selector by name of name.

func NewSVCByName Uses

func NewSVCByName(c clientset.Interface, ns, name string) error

NewSVCByName creates a service by name.

func RestartNodes Uses

func RestartNodes(c clientset.Interface, nodes []v1.Node) error

RestartNodes restarts specific nodes.

func RunLivenessTest Uses

func RunLivenessTest(f *framework.Framework, pod *v1.Pod, expectNumRestarts int, timeout time.Duration)

func SubstituteImageName Uses

func SubstituteImageName(content string) string

SubstituteImageName replaces image name in content.

type ConformanceContainer Uses

type ConformanceContainer struct {
    Container        v1.Container
    RestartPolicy    v1.RestartPolicy
    Volumes          []v1.Volume
    ImagePullSecrets []string

    PodClient *framework.PodClient

    PodSecurityContext *v1.PodSecurityContext
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

One pod one container

func (*ConformanceContainer) Create Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) Create()

func (*ConformanceContainer) Delete Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) Delete() error

func (*ConformanceContainer) GetPhase Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) GetPhase() (v1.PodPhase, error)

func (*ConformanceContainer) GetStatus Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) GetStatus() (v1.ContainerStatus, error)

func (*ConformanceContainer) IsReady Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) IsReady() (bool, error)

func (*ConformanceContainer) Present Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) Present() (bool, error)

type ContainerState Uses

type ContainerState string
const (
    ContainerStateWaiting    ContainerState = "Waiting"
    ContainerStateRunning    ContainerState = "Running"
    ContainerStateTerminated ContainerState = "Terminated"
    ContainerStateUnknown    ContainerState = "Unknown"

func GetContainerState Uses

func GetContainerState(state v1.ContainerState) ContainerState

type KubeletManagedHostConfig Uses

type KubeletManagedHostConfig struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

type PrivilegedPodTestConfig Uses

type PrivilegedPodTestConfig struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PrivilegedPodTestConfig is configuration struct for privileged pod test TODO: Merge with tests in security_context.go

type Suite Uses

type Suite string

Suite represents test suite.

const (
    // E2E represents a test suite for e2e.
    E2E Suite = "e2e"
    // NodeE2E represents a test suite for node e2e.
    NodeE2E Suite = "node e2e"
var CurrentSuite Suite

CurrentSuite represents current test suite.

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