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package common

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/common"


Package Files

configmap.go configmap_volume.go container.go container_probe.go docker_containers.go downward_api.go downwardapi_volume.go empty_dir.go expansion.go host_path.go init_container.go kubelet.go kubelet_etc_hosts.go lease.go lifecycle_hook.go networking.go node_lease.go pods.go podtemplates.go privileged.go projected_combined.go projected_configmap.go projected_downwardapi.go projected_secret.go runtime.go runtimeclass.go secrets.go secrets_volume.go security_context.go sysctl.go util.go volumes.go


const (
    ContainerStatusRetryTimeout = time.Minute * 5
    ContainerStatusPollInterval = time.Second * 1


var PrePulledImages = sets.NewString(

PrePulledImages are a list of images used in e2e/common tests. These images should be prepulled before tests starts, so that the tests won't fail due image pulling flakes. Currently, this is only used by node e2e test. See also updateImageAllowList() in ../../e2e_node/image_list.go TODO(random-liu): Change the image puller pod to use similar mechanism.

func GetContainerStartedTime Uses

func GetContainerStartedTime(p *v1.Pod, containerName string) (time.Time, error)

func GetTransitionTimeForReadyCondition Uses

func GetTransitionTimeForReadyCondition(p *v1.Pod) (time.Time, error)

func NewRCByName Uses

func NewRCByName(c clientset.Interface, ns, name string, replicas int32, gracePeriod *int64, containerArgs []string) (*v1.ReplicationController, error)

NewRCByName creates a replication controller with a selector by name of name.

func NewSVCByName Uses

func NewSVCByName(c clientset.Interface, ns, name string) error

NewSVCByName creates a service by name.

func RestartNodes Uses

func RestartNodes(c clientset.Interface, nodes []v1.Node) error

RestartNodes restarts specific nodes.

func RunLivenessTest Uses

func RunLivenessTest(f *framework.Framework, pod *v1.Pod, expectNumRestarts int, timeout time.Duration)

func SubstituteImageName Uses

func SubstituteImageName(content string) string

SubstituteImageName replaces image name in content.

type ConformanceContainer Uses

type ConformanceContainer struct {
    Container        v1.Container
    RestartPolicy    v1.RestartPolicy
    Volumes          []v1.Volume
    ImagePullSecrets []string

    PodClient *framework.PodClient

    PodSecurityContext *v1.PodSecurityContext
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

One pod one container

func (*ConformanceContainer) Create Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) Create()

func (*ConformanceContainer) Delete Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) Delete() error

func (*ConformanceContainer) GetPhase Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) GetPhase() (v1.PodPhase, error)

func (*ConformanceContainer) GetStatus Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) GetStatus() (v1.ContainerStatus, error)

func (*ConformanceContainer) IsReady Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) IsReady() (bool, error)

func (*ConformanceContainer) Present Uses

func (cc *ConformanceContainer) Present() (bool, error)

type ContainerState Uses

type ContainerState string
const (
    ContainerStateWaiting    ContainerState = "Waiting"
    ContainerStateRunning    ContainerState = "Running"
    ContainerStateTerminated ContainerState = "Terminated"
    ContainerStateUnknown    ContainerState = "Unknown"

func GetContainerState Uses

func GetContainerState(state v1.ContainerState) ContainerState

type KubeletManagedHostConfig Uses

type KubeletManagedHostConfig struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

type PrivilegedPodTestConfig Uses

type PrivilegedPodTestConfig struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

PrivilegedPodTestConfig is configuration struct for privileged pod test TODO: Merge with tests in security_context.go

type Suite Uses

type Suite string

Suite represents test suite.

const (
    // E2E represents a test suite for e2e.
    E2E Suite = "e2e"
    // NodeE2E represents a test suite for node e2e.
    NodeE2E Suite = "node e2e"
var CurrentSuite Suite

CurrentSuite represents current test suite.

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