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package rc

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/framework/rc"


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func ByNameContainer Uses

func ByNameContainer(name string, replicas int32, labels map[string]string, c v1.Container,
    gracePeriod *int64) *v1.ReplicationController

ByNameContainer returns a ReplicationController with specified name and container

func DeleteRCAndWaitForGC Uses

func DeleteRCAndWaitForGC(c clientset.Interface, ns, name string) error

DeleteRCAndWaitForGC deletes only the Replication Controller and waits for GC to delete the pods.

func RunRC Uses

func RunRC(config testutils.RCConfig) error

RunRC Launches (and verifies correctness) of a Replication Controller and will wait for all pods it spawns to become "Running".

func ScaleRC Uses

func ScaleRC(clientset clientset.Interface, scalesGetter scaleclient.ScalesGetter, ns, name string, size uint, wait bool) error

ScaleRC scales Replication Controller to be desired size.

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