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package bootstrap

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/lifecycle/bootstrap"


Package Files

bootstrap_signer.go bootstrap_token_cleaner.go util.go


const (
    // TokenIDBytes is the length of the byte array to generate tokenID.
    TokenIDBytes = 3

    // TokenSecretBytes is the length of the byte array to generate tokenSecret.
    TokenSecretBytes = 8

func GenerateTokenID Uses

func GenerateTokenID() (string, error)

GenerateTokenID generates tokenID.

func GenerateTokenSecret Uses

func GenerateTokenSecret() (string, error)

GenerateTokenSecret generates tokenSecret.

func TimeStringFromNow Uses

func TimeStringFromNow(delta time.Duration) string

TimeStringFromNow returns the time as a string from now. e.g: 2019-12-03T14:30:40+08:00.

func WaitForBootstrapTokenSecretNotDisappear Uses

func WaitForBootstrapTokenSecretNotDisappear(c clientset.Interface, tokenID string, t time.Duration) error

WaitForBootstrapTokenSecretNotDisappear waits for bootstrap token secret not to be disappeared and takes time for the specified timeout as success path.

func WaitForBootstrapTokenSecretToDisappear Uses

func WaitForBootstrapTokenSecretToDisappear(c clientset.Interface, tokenID string) error

WaitForBootstrapTokenSecretToDisappear waits for bootstrap token secret to be disappeared.

func WaitForSignedClusterInfoByBootstrapTokenToDisappear Uses

func WaitForSignedClusterInfoByBootstrapTokenToDisappear(c clientset.Interface, tokenID string) error

WaitForSignedClusterInfoByBootstrapTokenToDisappear waits for signed cluster info to be disappeared by bootstrap token.

func WaitForSignedClusterInfoGetUpdatedByBootstrapToken Uses

func WaitForSignedClusterInfoGetUpdatedByBootstrapToken(c clientset.Interface, tokenID string, signedToken string) error

WaitForSignedClusterInfoGetUpdatedByBootstrapToken waits for signed cluster info to be updated by bootstrap token.

func WaitforSignedClusterInfoByBootStrapToken Uses

func WaitforSignedClusterInfoByBootStrapToken(c clientset.Interface, tokenID string) error

WaitforSignedClusterInfoByBootStrapToken waits for signed cluster info by bootstrap token.

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