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package scheduling

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/test/e2e/scheduling"


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events.go framework.go limit_range.go nvidia-gpus.go predicates.go preemption.go priorities.go ubernetes_lite.go ubernetes_lite_volumes.go

func CreateHostPortPods Uses

func CreateHostPortPods(f *framework.Framework, id string, replicas int, expectRunning bool)

CreateHostPortPods creates RC with host port 4321

func CreateNodeSelectorPods Uses

func CreateNodeSelectorPods(f *framework.Framework, id string, replicas int, nodeSelector map[string]string, expectRunning bool) error

CreateNodeSelectorPods creates RC with host port 4321 and defines node selector

func Get2NodesThatCanRunPod Uses

func Get2NodesThatCanRunPod(f *framework.Framework) []string

Get2NodesThatCanRunPod return a 2-node slice where can run pod.

func GetNodeThatCanRunPod Uses

func GetNodeThatCanRunPod(f *framework.Framework) string

GetNodeThatCanRunPod trying to launch a pod without a label to get a node which can launch it

func GetPodsScheduled Uses

func GetPodsScheduled(workerNodes sets.String, pods *v1.PodList) (scheduledPods, notScheduledPods []v1.Pod)

GetPodsScheduled returns a number of currently scheduled and not scheduled Pods on worker nodes.

func OnlyAllowNodeZones Uses

func OnlyAllowNodeZones(f *framework.Framework, zoneCount int, image string)

OnlyAllowNodeZones tests that PDs are only provisioned in zones with nodes.

func PodsUseStaticPVsOrFail Uses

func PodsUseStaticPVsOrFail(f *framework.Framework, podCount int, image string)

PodsUseStaticPVsOrFail Check that the pods using statically created PVs get scheduled to the same zone that the PV is in.

func SIGDescribe Uses

func SIGDescribe(text string, body func()) bool

SIGDescribe annotates the test with the SIG label.

func SetupNVIDIAGPUNode Uses

func SetupNVIDIAGPUNode(f *framework.Framework, setupResourceGatherer bool) *framework.ContainerResourceGatherer

SetupNVIDIAGPUNode install Nvidia Drivers and wait for Nvidia GPUs to be available on nodes

func SpreadRCOrFail Uses

func SpreadRCOrFail(f *framework.Framework, replicaCount int32, image string, args []string)

SpreadRCOrFail Check that the pods comprising a replication controller get spread evenly across available zones

func SpreadServiceOrFail Uses

func SpreadServiceOrFail(f *framework.Framework, replicaCount int, image string)

SpreadServiceOrFail check that the pods comprising a service get spread evenly across available zones

func StartJob Uses

func StartJob(f *framework.Framework, completions int32)

StartJob starts a simple CUDA job that requests gpu and the specified number of completions

func VerifyJobNCompletions Uses

func VerifyJobNCompletions(f *framework.Framework, completions int32)

VerifyJobNCompletions verifies that the job has completions number of successful pods

func WaitForSchedulerAfterAction Uses

func WaitForSchedulerAfterAction(f *framework.Framework, action Action, ns, podName string, expectSuccess bool)

WaitForSchedulerAfterAction performs the provided action and then waits for scheduler to act on the given pod.

func WaitForStableCluster Uses

func WaitForStableCluster(c clientset.Interface, workerNodes sets.String) int

WaitForStableCluster waits until all existing pods are scheduled and returns their amount.

type Action Uses

type Action func() error

Action is a function to be performed by the system.

type Resource Uses

type Resource struct {
    MilliCPU int64
    Memory   int64

Resource is a collection of compute resource.

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