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package validator

import "kubedb.dev/apimachinery/pkg/validator"


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func ValidateBackupSchedule Uses

func ValidateBackupSchedule(client kubernetes.Interface, spec *api.BackupScheduleSpec, namespace string) error

func ValidateEnvVar Uses

func ValidateEnvVar(envs []core.EnvVar, forbiddenEnvs []string, resourceType string) error

func ValidateMonitorSpec Uses

func ValidateMonitorSpec(monitorSpec *mona.AgentSpec) error

ValidateMonitorSpec validates the Monitoring spec after all the defaulting is done.

func ValidateSnapshotSpec Uses

func ValidateSnapshotSpec(spec store.Backend) error

func ValidateStorage Uses

func ValidateStorage(client kubernetes.Interface, storageType api.StorageType, spec *core.PersistentVolumeClaimSpec, storageSpecPath ...string) error

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