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package server

import ""


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var (
    Scheme = runtime.NewScheme()
    Codecs = serializer.NewCodecFactory(Scheme)

type CompletedConfig Uses

type CompletedConfig struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (CompletedConfig) New Uses

func (c CompletedConfig) New() (*MemcachedServer, error)

New returns a new instance of MemcachedServer from the given config.

type ExtraConfig Uses

type ExtraConfig struct {
    AdmissionHooks []hooks.AdmissionHook

type MemcachedServer Uses

type MemcachedServer struct {
    GenericAPIServer *genericapiserver.GenericAPIServer
    Operator         *controller.Controller

MemcachedServer contains state for a Kubernetes cluster master/api server.

func (*MemcachedServer) Run Uses

func (op *MemcachedServer) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

type MemcachedServerConfig Uses

type MemcachedServerConfig struct {
    GenericConfig  *genericapiserver.RecommendedConfig
    ExtraConfig    ExtraConfig
    OperatorConfig *controller.OperatorConfig

func (*MemcachedServerConfig) Complete Uses

func (c *MemcachedServerConfig) Complete() CompletedConfig

Complete fills in any fields not set that are required to have valid data. It's mutating the receiver.

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