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package xmpptest

import "mellium.im/xmpp/internal/xmpptest"

Package xmpptest provides utilities for XMPP testing.


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func NewSession Uses

func NewSession(state xmpp.SessionState, rw io.ReadWriter) *xmpp.Session

NewSession returns a new XMPP session with the state bits set to state|xmpp.Ready, the origin JID set to "test@example.net" and the location JID set to "example.net".

NewSession panics on error for ease of use in testing, where a panic is acceptable.

func NopNegotiator Uses

func NopNegotiator(state xmpp.SessionState) xmpp.Negotiator

NopNegotiator marks the state as ready (by returning state|xmpp.Ready) and does not actually transmit any data over the wire or perform any other session negotiation.

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