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Miniflux is a feed reader application.

Package Files

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apiPackage api implements API endpoints for Miniflux application.
cliPackage cli implements command line arguments for Miniflux application.
clientPackage client implements a client library for the Miniflux REST API.
configPackage config handles configuration values for the application.
cryptoPackage crypto implements helpers related to cryptography.
daemonPackage daemon handles the main application process.
databasePackage database provides functions related to the database connection.
errorsPackage errors handles localized errors.
feverPackage fever implements Fever API endpoints.
filterPackage filter implements a content filter to rewrite image links.
http/clientPackage client provides an HTTP client builder.
http/cookiePackage cookie provides functions to build cookies.
http/requestPackage request holds helper functions regarding the HTTP request.
http/responsePackage response contains everything related to HTTP responses.
http/response/htmlPackage html contains HTML response functions.
http/response/jsonPackage json contains JSON response functions.
http/response/xmlPackage xml contains XML response functions.
http/routePackage route contains helper functions to work with defined routes.
integrationPackage integration implements API clients for third-party services.
integration/instapaperPackage instapaper provides an integration with Instapaper.
integration/nunuxkeeperPackage nunuxkeeper provides an integration with the Nunux Keeper application.
integration/pinboardPackage pinboard provides an integration with Pinboard.
integration/pocketPackage pocket provides an integration with Pocket.
integration/wallabagPackage wallabag provides an integration with the Wallabag application.
localePackage locale handles the internationalization of the application.
loggerPackage logger handles application log messages with different levels.
middlewarePackage middleware contains application HTTP middlewares.
modelPackage model contains all data structures used by the application.
oauth2Package oauth2 abstracts different OAuth2 providers.
readerPackage reader implements everything related to feed parsing.
reader/atomPackage atom provides an Atom feed parser.
reader/datePackage date provides a feed date parser.
reader/encodingPackage encoding handles workarounds to deal with encoding edge cases found into the wild.
reader/feedPackage feed provides a generic feed parser that abstracts all different formats.
reader/iconPackage icon provides all the logic to download website icons.
reader/jsonPackage json provides a JSON feed parser.
reader/opmlPackage opml provides an OPML parser and writer.
reader/processorPackage processor handles the logic to manipulate feed contents.
reader/rdfPackage rdf provides a RDF feed parser.
reader/readabilityPackage readability implements a web page scraper that returns only relevant content.
reader/rewritePackage rewrite provides functions to manipulate feed contents.
reader/rssPackage rss provides a RSS feed parser.
reader/sanitizerPackage sanitizer implements a HTML sanitizer that removes unsafe elements.
reader/scraperPackage scraper implements a web page crawler.
reader/subscriptionPackage subscription implements the logic to find subscriptions on a website.
schedulerPackage scheduler implements the application internal scheduler.
storagePackage storage implements a set of functions to interact with the database.
templatePackage template handles template parsing and execution.
testsPackage tests contains API integration tests.
timerPackage timer implements utility functions to measure the execution time of a block of code.
timezonePackage timezone contains helper functions to work with timezones.
uiPackage ui implements handlers to render to user interface.
ui/formPackage form handles HTML form validation and serialization.
ui/sessionPackage session provides helper functions to work with the user session.
ui/staticPackage static contains assets for the user interface.
ui/viewPackage view handles template parameters.
urlPackage url implements a set of utility functions to parse URL.
versionPackage version contains application and build information.

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