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package ina219

import ""

Package ina219 controls a Texas Instruments ina219 high side current, voltage and power monitor IC over an i2c bus.


Calibration is recommended for accurate current and power measurements. Voltage measurements do not require sensor calibration. To calibrate, measure the actual value of the shunt resistor.



// Make sure periph is initialized.
if _, err := host.Init(); err != nil {

// Open default I²C bus.
bus, err := i2creg.Open("")
if err != nil {
    log.Fatalf("failed to open I²C: %v", err)
defer bus.Close()

// Create a new power sensor.
sensor, err := ina219.New(bus, &ina219.DefaultOpts)
if err != nil {

// Read values from sensor.
measurement, err := sensor.Sense()

if err != nil {




Package Files

doc.go ina219.go


var DefaultOpts = Opts{
    Address:       0x40,
    SenseResistor: 100 * physic.MilliOhm,
    MaxCurrent:    3200 * physic.MilliAmpere,

DefaultOpts is the recommended default options.

type Dev Uses

type Dev struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Dev is a handle to the ina219 sensor.

func New Uses

func New(bus i2c.Bus, opts *Opts) (*Dev, error)

New opens a handle to an ina219 sensor.

func (*Dev) Sense Uses

func (d *Dev) Sense() (PowerMonitor, error)

Sense reads the power values from the ina219 sensor.

type Opts Uses

type Opts struct {
    Address       int
    SenseResistor physic.ElectricResistance
    MaxCurrent    physic.ElectricCurrent

Opts holds the configuration options.

Slave Address

Depending which pins the A1, A0 pins are connected to will change the slave address. Default configuration is address 0x40 (both pins to GND). For a full address table see datasheet.

type PowerMonitor Uses

type PowerMonitor struct {
    Shunt   physic.ElectricPotential
    Voltage physic.ElectricPotential
    Current physic.ElectricCurrent
    Power   physic.Power

PowerMonitor represents measurements from ina219 sensor.

func (PowerMonitor) String Uses

func (p PowerMonitor) String() string

String returns a PowerMonitor as string

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