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package local

import ""

Package local implements functionality common to both the "localdisk" and "diskpacked" storage mechanisms.


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type Generationer Uses

type Generationer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewGenerationer Uses

func NewGenerationer(rootDir string) *Generationer

NewGenerationer returns a struct for implementing blobserver.Generationer

func (Generationer) ResetStorageGeneration Uses

func (g Generationer) ResetStorageGeneration() error

ResetStorageGeneration reinitializes the generation by recreating the GENERATION.dat file with a new random string

func (Generationer) StorageGeneration Uses

func (g Generationer) StorageGeneration() (initTime time.Time, random string, err error)

StorageGeneration returns the generation's initialization time, and the random string. If the GENERATION.dat file does not exist under root yet, then creates it now (by calling ResetGeneration).

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