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package env

import ""

Package env detects what sort of environment Perkeep is running in.


Package Files

env.go env_nojs.go

func DebugUploads Uses

func DebugUploads() bool

DebugUploads reports whether this is a debug environment for uploads.

func IsDebug Uses

func IsDebug() bool

IsDebug reports whether this is a debug environment.

func IsDev Uses

func IsDev() bool

IsDev reports whether this is a development server environment (devcam server).

func OnGCE Uses

func OnGCE() bool

OnGCE reports whether this process is running in a Google Compute Engine (GCE) environment. This only returns true if the "camlistore-config-dir" instance metadata value is defined. Instances running in custom configs on GCE will be unaffected.

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