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package fs

import ""

Package fs implements a FUSE filesystem for Perkeep and is used by the pk-mount binary.


Package Files

at.go debug.go fs.go mut.go recent.go ro.go root.go roots.go rover.go time.go util.go versions.go xattr.go


var (

    // Logger is used by the package to print all sorts of debugging statements. It
    // is up to the user of the package to SetOutput the Logger to reduce verbosity.
    Logger = log.New(os.Stderr, "PerkeepFS: ", log.LstdFlags)
var TrackStats bool

TrackStats controls whether statistics are kept on operations.

func Unmount Uses

func Unmount(point string) error

Unmount attempts to unmount the provided FUSE mount point, forcibly if necessary.

type CamliFileSystem Uses

type CamliFileSystem struct {

    // IgnoreOwners, if true, collapses all file ownership to the
    // uid/gid running the fuse filesystem, and sets all the
    // permissions to 0600/0700.
    IgnoreOwners bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDefaultCamliFileSystem Uses

func NewDefaultCamliFileSystem(client *client.Client, fetcher blob.Fetcher) *CamliFileSystem

NewDefaultCamliFileSystem returns a filesystem with a generic base, from which users can navigate by blobref, tag, date, etc.

func NewRootedCamliFileSystem Uses

func NewRootedCamliFileSystem(cli *client.Client, fetcher blob.Fetcher, root blob.Ref) (*CamliFileSystem, error)

NewRootedCamliFileSystem returns a CamliFileSystem with a node based on a blobref as its base.

func (*CamliFileSystem) Root Uses

func (fs *CamliFileSystem) Root() (fusefs.Node, error)

func (*CamliFileSystem) Statfs Uses

func (fs *CamliFileSystem) Statfs(ctx context.Context, req *fuse.StatfsRequest, res *fuse.StatfsResponse) error

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