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package libqrencode

import "rsc.io/qr/libqrencode"

Package libqrencode wraps the C libqrencode library. The qr package (in this package's parent directory) does not use any C wrapping. This code is here only for use during that package's tests.


Package Files


type Chunk Uses

type Chunk struct {
    Mode Mode
    Text string

type Code Uses

type Code struct {
    Version int
    Width   int
    Pixel   [][]Pixel
    Scale   int

func Encode Uses

func Encode(version Version, level Level, mode Mode, text string) (*Code, error)

func EncodeChunk Uses

func EncodeChunk(version Version, level Level, chunk ...Chunk) (*Code, error)

func (*Code) At Uses

func (c *Code) At(x, y int) color.Color

func (*Code) Bounds Uses

func (c *Code) Bounds() image.Rectangle

func (*Code) ColorModel Uses

func (*Code) ColorModel() color.Model

type Level Uses

type Level int
const (
    L   Level = C.QR_ECLEVEL_L
    M   Level = C.QR_ECLEVEL_M
    Q   Level = C.QR_ECLEVEL_Q
    H   Level = C.QR_ECLEVEL_H

type Mode Uses

type Mode int
const (
    Numeric      Mode = C.QR_MODE_NUM
    Alphanumeric Mode = C.QR_MODE_AN
    EightBit     Mode = C.QR_MODE_8

type Pixel Uses

type Pixel int
const (
    Black Pixel = 1 << iota

type Version Uses

type Version int

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