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package util

import ""


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type ConfigOwner Uses

type ConfigOwner struct {

ConfigOwner provides a data interface for different config owner types.

func GetConfigOwner Uses

func GetConfigOwner(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, obj metav1.Object) (*ConfigOwner, error)

GetConfigOwner returns the Unstructured object owning the current resource.

func GetOwnerByRef Uses

func GetOwnerByRef(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, ref *corev1.ObjectReference) (*ConfigOwner, error)

GetOwnerByRef finds and returns the owner by looking at the object reference.

func (ConfigOwner) ClusterName Uses

func (co ConfigOwner) ClusterName() string

ClusterName extracts spec.clusterName from the config owner.

func (ConfigOwner) DataSecretName Uses

func (co ConfigOwner) DataSecretName() *string

DataSecretName extracts spec.bootstrap.dataSecretName from the config owner.

func (ConfigOwner) IsControlPlaneMachine Uses

func (co ConfigOwner) IsControlPlaneMachine() bool

IsControlPlaneMachine checks if an unstructured object is Machine with the control plane role.

func (ConfigOwner) IsInfrastructureReady Uses

func (co ConfigOwner) IsInfrastructureReady() bool

IsInfrastructureReady extracts infrastructure status from the config owner.

func (ConfigOwner) IsMachinePool Uses

func (co ConfigOwner) IsMachinePool() bool

IsMachinePool checks if an unstructured object is a MachinePool.

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