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package controllers

import ""


Package Files

consts.go controller.go helpers.go scale.go status.go upgrade.go

type KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler Uses

type KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler struct {
    Client client.Client
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler reconciles a KubeadmControlPlane object

func (*KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler) ClusterToKubeadmControlPlane Uses

func (r *KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler) ClusterToKubeadmControlPlane(o client.Object) []ctrl.Request

ClusterToKubeadmControlPlane is a handler.ToRequestsFunc to be used to enqueue requests for reconciliation for KubeadmControlPlane based on updates to a Cluster.

func (*KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler) Reconcile Uses

func (r *KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler) Reconcile(ctx context.Context, req ctrl.Request) (res ctrl.Result, reterr error)

func (*KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler) SetupWithManager Uses

func (r *KubeadmControlPlaneReconciler) SetupWithManager(ctx context.Context, mgr ctrl.Manager, options controller.Options) error

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