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package conversion

import ""


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const (
    DataAnnotation = ""

func ConvertReferenceAPIContract Uses

func ConvertReferenceAPIContract(ctx context.Context, c client.Client, restConfig *rest.Config, ref *corev1.ObjectReference) error

ConvertReferenceAPIContract takes a client and object reference, queries the API Server for the Custom Resource Definition and looks which one is the stored version available.

The object passed as input is modified in place if an updated compatible version is found.

func FuzzTestFunc Uses

func FuzzTestFunc(scheme *runtime.Scheme, hub conversion.Hub, dst conversion.Convertible, funcs ...fuzzer.FuzzerFuncs) func(*testing.T)

FuzzTestFunc returns a new testing function to be used in tests to make sure conversions between the Hub version of an object and an older version aren't lossy.

func GetFuzzer Uses

func GetFuzzer(scheme *runtime.Scheme, funcs ...fuzzer.FuzzerFuncs) *fuzz.Fuzzer

GetFuzzer returns a new fuzzer to be used for testing.

func MarshalData Uses

func MarshalData(src metav1.Object, dst metav1.Object) error

MarshalData stores the source object as json data in the destination object annotations map. It ignores the metadata of the source object.

func UnmarshalData Uses

func UnmarshalData(from metav1.Object, to interface{}) (bool, error)

UnmarshalData tries to retrieve the data from the annotation and unmarshals it into the object passed as input.

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