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package ifc

import "sigs.k8s.io/kustomize/pkg/ifc"

Package ifc holds miscellaneous interfaces used by kustomize.


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const SecretTypeOpaque = "Opaque"

See core.v1.SecretTypeOpaque

type Kunstructured Uses

type Kunstructured interface {
    Map() map[string]interface{}
    Copy() Kunstructured
    GetFieldValue(string) (interface{}, error)
    GetString(string) (string, error)
    GetStringSlice(string) ([]string, error)
    GetBool(path string) (bool, error)
    GetFloat64(path string) (float64, error)
    GetInt64(path string) (int64, error)
    GetSlice(path string) ([]interface{}, error)
    GetStringMap(path string) (map[string]string, error)
    GetMap(path string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
    MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)
    UnmarshalJSON([]byte) error
    GetGvk() gvk.Gvk
    GetKind() string
    GetName() string
    GetLabels() map[string]string
    GetAnnotations() map[string]string
    MatchesLabelSelector(selector string) (bool, error)
    MatchesAnnotationSelector(selector string) (bool, error)
    Patch(Kunstructured) error

Kunstructured allows manipulation of k8s objects that do not have Golang structs.

type KunstructuredFactory Uses

type KunstructuredFactory interface {
    SliceFromBytes([]byte) ([]Kunstructured, error)
    FromMap(m map[string]interface{}) Kunstructured
    Hasher() KunstructuredHasher
        ldr Loader,
        options *types.GeneratorOptions,
        args *types.ConfigMapArgs) (Kunstructured, error)
        ldr Loader,
        options *types.GeneratorOptions,
        args *types.SecretArgs) (Kunstructured, error)

KunstructuredFactory makes instances of Kunstructured.

type KunstructuredHasher Uses

type KunstructuredHasher interface {
    Hash(Kunstructured) (string, error)

KunstructuredHasher returns a hash of the argument or an error.

type Loader Uses

type Loader interface {
    // Root returns the root location for this Loader.
    Root() string
    // New returns Loader located at newRoot.
    New(newRoot string) (Loader, error)
    // Load returns the bytes read from the location or an error.
    Load(location string) ([]byte, error)
    // Cleanup cleans the loader
    Cleanup() error
    // Validator validates data for use in various k8s fields.
    Validator() Validator
    // Loads pairs.
    LoadKvPairs(args types.GeneratorArgs) ([]types.Pair, error)

Loader interface exposes methods to read bytes.

type Validator Uses

type Validator interface {
    MakeAnnotationValidator() func(map[string]string) error
    MakeAnnotationNameValidator() func([]string) error
    MakeLabelValidator() func(map[string]string) error
    MakeLabelNameValidator() func([]string) error
    ValidateNamespace(string) []string
    ErrIfInvalidKey(string) error
    IsEnvVarName(k string) error

Validator provides functions to validate annotations and labels

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