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package v23cmd

import "v.io/x/ref/lib/v23cmd"

Package v23cmd implements utilities for running v23 cmdline programs.

The cmdline package requires a Runner that implements Run(env, args), but for v23 programs we'd like to implement Run(ctx, env, args) instead. The initialization of the ctx is also tricky, since v23.Init() calls flag.Parse, but the cmdline package needs to call flag.Parse first.

The RunnerFunc package-level function allows us to write run functions of the form Run(ctx, env, args), retaining static type-safety, and also getting the flag.Parse ordering right.


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func ParseAndRunForTest Uses

func ParseAndRunForTest(cmd *cmdline.Command, ctx *context.T, env *cmdline.Env, args []string) error

ParseAndRunForTest parses the cmd with the given env and args, and calls Run on the returned runner. If the runner was created by the v23cmd package, calls the run function directly with the given ctx, env and args.

Doesn't call v23.Init; the context initialization is up to you.

Only meant to be called within tests - if used in non-test code the ordering of flag.Parse calls will be wrong. The correct ordering is for cmdline.Parse to be called before v23.Init, but this function takes a ctx argument and then calls cmdline.Parse.

func RunnerFunc Uses

func RunnerFunc(run func(*context.T, *cmdline.Env, []string) error) cmdline.Runner

RunnerFunc is like cmdline.RunnerFunc, but takes a run function that includes a context as the first arg. The context is created via v23.Init when Run is called on the returned Runner.

func RunnerFuncWithInit Uses

func RunnerFuncWithInit(run func(*context.T, *cmdline.Env, []string) error, init func() (*context.T, v23.Shutdown, error)) cmdline.Runner

RunnerFuncWithInit is like RunnerFunc, but allows specifying the init function used to create the context.

This is typically used to set properties on the context before it is passed to the run function. E.g. you may use this to set a deadline on the context:

var cmdRoot = &cmdline.Command{
  Runner: v23cmd.RunnerFuncWithInit(runRoot, initWithDeadline)

func runRoot(ctx *context.T, env *cmdline.Env, args []string) error {

func initWithDeadline() (*context.T, v23.Shutdown) {
  ctx, shutdown := v23.Init()
  ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(ctx, time.Minute)
  return ctx, func(){ cancel(); shutdown() }

func main() {

An alternative to the above example is to call context.WithTimeout within runRoot. The advantage of using RunnerFuncWithInit is that your regular code can use a context with a 1 minute timeout, while your testing code can use v23cmd.ParseAndRunForTest to pass a context with a 10 second timeout.

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