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package upcqueue

import "v.io/x/ref/runtime/internal/lib/upcqueue"

Package upcqueue implements an unbounded producer/consumer queue. An unbounded producer/consumer queue is a concurrent buffer supporting multiple concurrent producers and consumers, with timeouts. The queue can be closed from either end, by the producer and/or the consumer. When closed, the contents are discarded, and subsequent operations return an error.

Note: the main reason to use a producer/consumer queue instead of a channel is to allow the consumer to close the channel. This queue can be used for many-to-many communication with multiple producers and/or multiple consumers. Any of the producers and any of the consumers are allowed to close the queue.


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var (
    ErrQueueIsClosed = errors.New("queue is closed")

type T Uses

type T struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

T is an unbounded producer/consumer queue. It fulfills the same purpose as a Go channel, the main advantage is that the Put() operation does not panic, even after the queue is closed. The main disadvantage is that the T can't be used in a select operation.

func New Uses

func New() *T

New returns a producer/consumer queue.

func (*T) Close Uses

func (q *T) Close()

Close closes the queue, without discarding the contents. All Put* operations currently running may, or may not, add their values to the queue. All Put* operations that happen-after the Close will fail.

func (*T) Get Uses

func (q *T) Get(cancel <-chan struct{}) (interface{}, error)

Get returns the next item from the queue, or an error if the queue is closed or the operation is cancelled.

func (*T) IsClosed Uses

func (q *T) IsClosed() bool

IsClosed returns whether the queue has been closed (with Close or Shutdown).

func (*T) Put Uses

func (q *T) Put(item interface{}) error

Put adds an item to the queue, or returns an error if the queue is closed.

func (*T) Shutdown Uses

func (q *T) Shutdown() []interface{}

Shutdown closes the queue and returns the contents. Any concurrent Get and Put operations might exchange values, but all operations that happen-after the Shutdown will fail.

func (*T) TryGet Uses

func (q *T) TryGet() (interface{}, error)

TryGet returns the next item from the queue if there is one.

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