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package rpc

import "v.io/x/ref/runtime/internal/rpc"


Package Files

client.go consts.go init.go options.go proxymgr.go requestid.go reserved.go results_store.go server.go server_authorizer.go sort_endpoints.go stats.go typecache.go

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(ctx *context.T, opts ...rpc.ClientOpt) rpc.Client

func RequestID Uses

func RequestID(ctx *context.T) uuid.UUID

func WithNewDispatchingServer Uses

func WithNewDispatchingServer(ctx *context.T,
    name string, dispatcher rpc.Dispatcher,
    settingsPublisher *pubsub.Publisher,
    opts ...rpc.ServerOpt) (*context.T, rpc.Server, error)

func WithNewServer Uses

func WithNewServer(ctx *context.T,
    name string, object interface{}, authorizer security.Authorizer,
    settingsPublisher *pubsub.Publisher,
    opts ...rpc.ServerOpt) (*context.T, rpc.Server, error)

func WithRequestID Uses

func WithRequestID(ctx *context.T, requestID uuid.UUID) *context.T

type IdleConnectionExpiry Uses

type IdleConnectionExpiry time.Duration

IdleConnectionExpiry is the amount of the time after which the connection cache will close idle connections.

func (IdleConnectionExpiry) RPCClientOpt Uses

func (IdleConnectionExpiry) RPCClientOpt()

func (IdleConnectionExpiry) RPCServerOpt Uses

func (IdleConnectionExpiry) RPCServerOpt()

type PreferredProtocols Uses

type PreferredProtocols []string

PreferredProtocols instructs the Runtime implementation to select endpoints with the specified protocols when a Client makes a call and to order them in the specified order.

func (PreferredProtocols) RPCClientOpt Uses

func (PreferredProtocols) RPCClientOpt()

type PreferredServerResolveProtocols Uses

type PreferredServerResolveProtocols []string

This option is used to sort and filter the endpoints when resolving the proxy name from a mounttable.

func (PreferredServerResolveProtocols) RPCServerOpt Uses

func (PreferredServerResolveProtocols) RPCServerOpt()

type ReservedNameDispatcher Uses

type ReservedNameDispatcher struct {
    Dispatcher rpc.Dispatcher

ReservedNameDispatcher specifies the dispatcher that controls access to framework managed portion of the namespace.

func (ReservedNameDispatcher) RPCServerOpt Uses

func (ReservedNameDispatcher) RPCServerOpt()


benchmarkpackage benchmark provides simple tools to measure the performance of the IPC system.
benchmark/benchmarkCommand benchmark runs the benchmark client.
benchmark/benchmarkdCommand benchmarkd runs the benchmark server.
stress/mtstressUsage: mtstress [flags] <command>
stress/stressCommand stress is a tool to stress/load test RPC by issuing randomly generated requests.
stress/stressdCommand stressd runs the stress-test server.
testpackage test contains test for rpc code that do not rely on unexposed rpc declarations.

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