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package cloud

import "cloud.google.com/go"

Package cloud is the root of the packages used to access Google Cloud Services. See https://godoc.org/cloud.google.com/go for a full list of sub-packages.

This package documents how to authorize and authenticate the sub packages.


// Google Application Default Credentials is the recommended way to authorize
// and authenticate clients.
// See the following link on how to create and obtain Application Default Credentials:
// https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/application-default-credentials.
client, err := datastore.NewClient(context.Background(), "project-id")
if err != nil {
    // TODO: handle error.
_ = client // Use the client.


// Use a JSON key file associated with a Google service account to
// authenticate and authorize. Service Account keys can be created and
// downloaded from https://console.developers.google.com/permissions/serviceaccounts.
// Note: This example uses the datastore client, but the same steps apply to
// the other client libraries underneath this package.
client, err := datastore.NewClient(context.Background(),
    "project-id", option.WithServiceAccountFile("/path/to/service-account-key.json"))
if err != nil {
    // TODO: handle error.
_ = client // Use the client.



Package Files



bigqueryPackage bigquery provides a client for the BigQuery service.
bigtablePackage bigtable is an API to Google Cloud Bigtable.
bigtable/bttestPackage bttest contains test helpers for working with the bigtable package.
bigtable/cmd/cbtCbt is a tool for doing basic interactions with Cloud Bigtable.
bigtable/cmd/emulatorcbtemulator launches the in-memory Cloud Bigtable server on the given address.
bigtable/cmd/loadtestLoadtest does some load testing through the Go client library for Cloud Bigtable.
bigtable/cmd/scantestScantest does scan-related load testing against Cloud Bigtable.
bigtable/internal/cbtconfigPackage cbtconfig encapsulates common code for reading configuration from .cbtrc and gcloud.
bigtable/internal/gaxThis is ia snapshot from github.com/googleapis/gax-go with minor modifications.
bigtable/internal/optionPackage option contains common code for dealing with client options.
civilPackage civil implements types for civil time, a time-zone-independent representation of time that follows the rules of the proleptic Gregorian calendar with exactly 24-hour days, 60-minute hours, and 60-second minutes.
cmd/go-cloud-debug-agent/internal/breakpointsPackage breakpoints handles breakpoint requests we get from the user through the Debuglet Controller, and manages corresponding breakpoints set in the code.
cmd/go-cloud-debug-agent/internal/controllerPackage controller is a library for interacting with the Google Cloud Debugger's Debuglet Controller service.
cmd/go-cloud-debug-agent/internal/valuecollectorPackage valuecollector is used to collect the values of variables in a program.
compute/metadataPackage metadata provides access to Google Compute Engine (GCE) metadata and API service accounts.
containerPackage container contains a Google Container Engine client.
datastorePackage datastore provides a client for Google Cloud Datastore.
debugger/apiv2Package debugger is an experimental, auto-generated package for the debugger API.
errorreporting/apiv1beta1Package errorreporting is an experimental, auto-generated package for the errorreporting API.
errorsPackage errors is a Google Stackdriver Error Reporting library.
examples/bigquery/concat_tableconcat_table is an example client of the bigquery client library.
examples/bigquery/loadload is an example client of the bigquery client library.
examples/bigquery/queryquery is an example client of the bigquery client library.
examples/bigquery/readread is an example client of the bigquery client library.
examples/bigtable/helloworldHello world is a sample program demonstrating use of the Bigtable client library to perform basic CRUD operations
examples/bigtable/searchSearch is a sample web server that uses Cloud Bigtable as the storage layer for a simple document-storage and full-text-search service.
examples/bigtable/usercounterUser counter is a program that tracks how often a user has visited the index page.
examples/storage/appenginevmPackage main is an example Mananged VM app using the Google Cloud Storage API.
iamPackage iam supports the resource-specific operations of Google Cloud IAM (Identity and Access Management) for the Google Cloud Libraries.
iam/admin/apiv1Package admin is an experimental, auto-generated package for the admin API.
internalPackage internal provides support for the cloud packages.
internal/atomiccachePackage atomiccache provides a map-based cache that supports very fast reads.
internal/fieldsPackage fields provides a view of the fields of a struct that follows the Go rules, amended to consider tags and case insensitivity.
internal/optionalPackage optional provides versions of primitive types that can be nil.
internal/prettyPackage pretty implements a simple pretty-printer.
internal/testutilPackage testutil contains helper functions for writing tests.
internal/versionPackage version contains version information for Google Cloud Client Libraries for Go, as reported in request headers.
language/apiv1Package language is an experimental, auto-generated package for the language API.
loggingPackage logging contains a Stackdriver Logging client suitable for writing logs.
logging/apiv2Package logging is an experimental, auto-generated package for the logging API.
logging/internal/testingPackage testing provides support for testing the logging client.
logging/logadminPackage logadmin contains a Stackdriver Logging client that can be used for reading logs and working with sinks, metrics and monitored resources.
longrunningPackage longrunning supports Long Running Operations for the Google Cloud Libraries.
monitoring/apiv3Package monitoring is an experimental, auto-generated package for the monitoring API.
pubsubPackage pubsub provides an easy way to publish and receive Google Cloud Pub/Sub messages, hiding the the details of the underlying server RPCs.
pubsub/apiv1Package pubsub is an experimental, auto-generated package for the pubsub API.
pubsub/loadtest/pbPackage google_pubsub_loadtest is a generated protocol buffer package.
spannerPackage spanner provides a client for reading and writing to Cloud Spanner databases.
spanner/admin/database/apiv1Package database is an experimental, auto-generated package for the database API.
spanner/admin/instance/apiv1Package instance is an experimental, auto-generated package for the instance API.
speech/apiv1beta1Package speech is an experimental, auto-generated package for the speech API.
storagePackage storage contains a Google Cloud Storage client.
tracePackage trace is a Google Stackdriver Trace library.
trace/apiv1Package trace is an experimental, auto-generated package for the trace API.
trace/traceutilPackage traceutil contains utilities for tracing.
translatePackage translate is a client for the Google Translate API.
translate/internal/translate/v2Package translate provides access to the Translate API.
visionPackage vision provides a client for the Google Cloud Vision API.
vision/apiv1Package vision is an experimental, auto-generated package for the vision API.

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