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package firebase

import "firebase.google.com/go"

Package firebase is the entry point to the Firebase Admin SDK. It provides functionality for initializing App instances, which serve as the central entities that provide access to various other Firebase services exposed from the SDK.


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const Version = "4.1.0"

Version of the Firebase Go Admin SDK.

type App Uses

type App struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

An App holds configuration and state common to all Firebase services that are exposed from the SDK.

func NewApp Uses

func NewApp(ctx context.Context, config *Config, opts ...option.ClientOption) (*App, error)

NewApp creates a new App from the provided config and client options.

If the client options contain a valid credential (a service account file, a refresh token file or an oauth2.TokenSource) the App will be authenticated using that credential. Otherwise, NewApp attempts to authenticate the App with Google application default credentials. If `config` is nil, the SDK will attempt to load the config options from the `FIREBASE_CONFIG` environment variable. If the value in it starts with a `{` it is parsed as a JSON object, otherwise it is assumed to be the name of the JSON file containing the options.

func (*App) Auth Uses

func (a *App) Auth(ctx context.Context) (*auth.Client, error)

Auth returns an instance of auth.Client.

func (*App) Database Uses

func (a *App) Database(ctx context.Context) (*db.Client, error)

Database returns an instance of db.Client to interact with the default Firebase Database configured via Config.DatabaseURL.

func (*App) DatabaseWithURL Uses

func (a *App) DatabaseWithURL(ctx context.Context, url string) (*db.Client, error)

DatabaseWithURL returns an instance of db.Client to interact with the Firebase Database identified by the given URL.

func (*App) Firestore Uses

func (a *App) Firestore(ctx context.Context) (*firestore.Client, error)

Firestore returns a new firestore.Client instance from the https://godoc.org/cloud.google.com/go/firestore package.

func (*App) InstanceID Uses

func (a *App) InstanceID(ctx context.Context) (*iid.Client, error)

InstanceID returns an instance of iid.Client.

func (*App) Messaging Uses

func (a *App) Messaging(ctx context.Context) (*messaging.Client, error)

Messaging returns an instance of messaging.Client.

func (*App) Storage Uses

func (a *App) Storage(ctx context.Context) (*storage.Client, error)

Storage returns a new instance of storage.Client.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    AuthOverride     *map[string]interface{} `json:"databaseAuthVariableOverride"`
    DatabaseURL      string                  `json:"databaseURL"`
    ProjectID        string                  `json:"projectId"`
    ServiceAccountID string                  `json:"serviceAccountId"`
    StorageBucket    string                  `json:"storageBucket"`

Config represents the configuration used to initialize an App.


authPackage auth contains functions for minting custom authentication tokens, verifying Firebase ID tokens, and managing users in a Firebase project.
dbPackage db contains functions for accessing the Firebase Realtime Database.
errorutilsPackage errorutils provides functions for checking and handling error conditions.
iidPackage iid contains functions for deleting instance IDs from Firebase projects.
internalPackage internal contains functionality that is only accessible from within the Admin SDK.
messagingPackage messaging contains functions for sending messages and managing device subscriptions with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).
storagePackage storage provides functions for accessing Google Cloud Storge buckets.

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