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package xkb

import ""

Package xkb implements a Go interface for the X Keyboard Extension library.


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type Context Uses

type Context struct {
    Ctx *C.struct_xkb_context
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New() (*Context, error)

func (*Context) Destroy Uses

func (x *Context) Destroy()

func (*Context) DestroyKeymapState Uses

func (x *Context) DestroyKeymapState()

func (*Context) DispatchKey Uses

func (x *Context) DispatchKey(keyCode uint32, state key.State) (events []event.Event)

func (*Context) IsRepeatKey Uses

func (x *Context) IsRepeatKey(keyCode uint32) bool

func (*Context) LoadKeymap Uses

func (x *Context) LoadKeymap(format int, fd int, size int) error

func (*Context) Modifiers Uses

func (x *Context) Modifiers() key.Modifiers

func (*Context) SetKeymap Uses

func (x *Context) SetKeymap(xkbKeyMap, xkbState unsafe.Pointer)

SetKeymap sets the keymap and state. The context takes ownership of the keymap and state and frees them in Destroy.

func (*Context) UpdateMask Uses

func (x *Context) UpdateMask(depressed, latched, locked, depressedGroup, latchedGroup, lockedGroup uint32)

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