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package virtualnetwork

import ""

Package virtualnetwork provides a client for Virtual Networks.


Package Files

client.go entities.go

type AddressSpace Uses

type AddressSpace struct {
    AddressPrefix []string

type DNS Uses

type DNS struct {
    DNSServers []DNSServer `xml:"DnsServers>DnsServer,omitempty"`

type DNSServer Uses

type DNSServer struct {
    XMLName   xml.Name `xml:"DnsServer"`
    Name      string   `xml:"name,attr"`
    IPAddress string   `xml:"IPAddress,attr"`

type DNSServerRef Uses

type DNSServerRef struct {
    Name string `xml:"name,attr"`

type LocalNetworkSite Uses

type LocalNetworkSite struct {
    Name              string `xml:"name,attr"`
    VPNGatewayAddress string
    AddressSpace      AddressSpace

type NetworkConfiguration Uses

type NetworkConfiguration struct {
    XMLName         xml.Name                    `xml:"NetworkConfiguration"`
    XMLNamespaceXsd string                      `xml:"xmlns:xsd,attr"`
    XMLNamespaceXsi string                      `xml:"xmlns:xsi,attr"`
    XMLNs           string                      `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
    Configuration   VirtualNetworkConfiguration `xml:"VirtualNetworkConfiguration"`

NetworkConfiguration represents the network configuration for an entire Azure subscription.

type Subnet Uses

type Subnet struct {
    Name          string `xml:"name,attr"`
    AddressPrefix string

type VirtualNetworkClient Uses

type VirtualNetworkClient struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

VirtualNetworkClient is used to perform operations on Virtual Networks.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(client management.Client) VirtualNetworkClient

NewClient is used to return new VirtualNetworkClient instance

func (VirtualNetworkClient) GetVirtualNetworkConfiguration Uses

func (c VirtualNetworkClient) GetVirtualNetworkConfiguration() (NetworkConfiguration, error)

GetVirtualNetworkConfiguration retreives the current virtual network configuration for the currently active subscription. Note that the underlying Azure API means that network related operations are not safe for running concurrently.

func (*VirtualNetworkClient) NewNetworkConfiguration Uses

func (client *VirtualNetworkClient) NewNetworkConfiguration() NetworkConfiguration

NewNetworkConfiguration creates a new empty NetworkConfiguration structure for further configuration. The XML namespaces are already set correctly.

func (VirtualNetworkClient) SetVirtualNetworkConfiguration Uses

func (c VirtualNetworkClient) SetVirtualNetworkConfiguration(networkConfiguration NetworkConfiguration) (management.OperationID, error)

SetVirtualNetworkConfiguration configures the virtual networks for the currently active subscription according to the NetworkConfiguration given. Note that the underlying Azure API means that network related operations are not safe for running concurrently.

type VirtualNetworkConfiguration Uses

type VirtualNetworkConfiguration struct {
    DNS                 DNS                  `xml:"Dns,omitempty"`
    LocalNetworkSites   []LocalNetworkSite   `xml:"LocalNetworkSites>LocalNetworkSite"`
    VirtualNetworkSites []VirtualNetworkSite `xml:"VirtualNetworkSites>VirtualNetworkSite"`

type VirtualNetworkSite Uses

type VirtualNetworkSite struct {
    Name          string         `xml:"name,attr"`
    Location      string         `xml:"Location,attr"`
    AddressSpace  AddressSpace   `xml:"AddressSpace"`
    Subnets       []Subnet       `xml:"Subnets>Subnet"`
    DNSServersRef []DNSServerRef `xml:"DnsServersRef>DnsServerRef,omitempty"`

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