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package apiutil

import "github.com/DevMine/api-server/util/apiutil"

Package apiutil provides various functions meant to be used by handlers from the api package.


Package Files


func CreateGhOrgsFromPGArray Uses

func CreateGhOrgsFromPGArray(pgArray string) []*model.GhOrganization

CreateGhOrgsFromPGArray generates a slice of GhOrganization from a PostgresSQL array from gh_organizations table. Elements MUST be in table order. FIXME Find a safer way to deal with this

func FetchRepository Uses

func FetchRepository(db *sql.DB, id *int64) *model.Repository

FetchRepository retrieves a repository from the database.

func FetchUser Uses

func FetchUser(db *sql.DB, id *int64) *model.User

FetchUser retrieves a user from the database.

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