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package metrics

import "github.com/bboreham/kubernetes/pkg/client/metrics"

Package metrics provides utilities for registering client metrics to Prometheus.


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var (
    // RequestLatency is a Prometheus Summary metric type partitioned by
    // "verb" and "url" labels. It is used for the rest client latency metrics.
    RequestLatency = prometheus.NewSummaryVec(
            Subsystem: restClientSubsystem,
            Name:      "request_latency_microseconds",
            Help:      "Request latency in microseconds. Broken down by verb and URL",
            MaxAge:    time.Hour,
        []string{"verb", "url"},

    RequestResult = prometheus.NewCounterVec(
            Subsystem: restClientSubsystem,
            Name:      "request_status_codes",
            Help:      "Number of http requests, partitioned by metadata",
        []string{"code", "method", "host"},

func Register Uses

func Register()

Register registers all metrics to Prometheus with respect to the RequestLatency.

func SinceInMicroseconds Uses

func SinceInMicroseconds(start time.Time) float64

Calculates the time since the specified start in microseconds.

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