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package bufcoretesting

import "github.com/bufbuild/buf/internal/buf/bufcore/bufcoretesting"


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func AssertFileInfosEqual Uses

func AssertFileInfosEqual(t *testing.T, expected []bufcore.FileInfo, actual []bufcore.FileInfo)

AssertFileInfosEqual asserts the expected FileInfos equal the actual FileInfos.

func FileInfoToAbs Uses

func FileInfoToAbs(t *testing.T, fileInfo bufcore.FileInfo) bufcore.FileInfo

FileInfoToAbs converts the external path to absolute.

func FileInfosToAbs Uses

func FileInfosToAbs(t *testing.T, fileInfos []bufcore.FileInfo) []bufcore.FileInfo

FileInfosToAbs converts the external paths to absolute.

func NewFileInfo Uses

func NewFileInfo(
    t *testing.T,
    path string,
    externalPath string,
    isImport bool,
) bufcore.FileInfo

NewFileInfo returns a new FileInfo for testing.

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