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package bufimagebuild

import "github.com/bufbuild/buf/internal/buf/bufcore/bufimage/bufimagebuild"


Package Files

bufimagebuild.go builder.go

type BuildOption Uses

type BuildOption func(*buildOptions)

BuildOption is an option for Build.

func WithExcludeSourceCodeInfo Uses

func WithExcludeSourceCodeInfo() BuildOption

WithExcludeSourceCodeInfo returns a BuildOption that excludes sourceCodeInfo.

type Builder Uses

type Builder interface {
    // Build runs compilation.
    // The FileRefs are assumed to have been created by a FileRefProvider, that is
    // they are unique relative to the roots.
    // If an error is returned, it is a system error.
    // Only one of Image and FileAnnotations will be returned.
    // FileAnnotations will use external file paths.
        ctx context.Context,
        moduleFileSet bufmodule.ModuleFileSet,
        options ...BuildOption,
    ) (bufimage.Image, []bufanalysis.FileAnnotation, error)

Builder builds Protobuf files into Images.

func NewBuilder Uses

func NewBuilder(logger *zap.Logger) Builder

NewBuilder returns a new Builder.



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