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package bufmodulecache

import "github.com/bufbuild/buf/internal/buf/bufcore/bufmodule/bufmodulecache"


Package Files

bufmodulecache.go module_cacher.go module_reader.go

func NewModuleReader Uses

func NewModuleReader(
    logger *zap.Logger,
    moduleStore bufmodulestorage.Store,
    delegate bufmodule.ModuleReader,
    options ...ModuleReaderOption,
) bufmodule.ModuleReader

NewModuleReader returns a new ModuleReader that uses cache as a caching layer, and delegate as the source of truth.

type ModuleReaderOption Uses

type ModuleReaderOption func(*moduleReader)

ModuleReaderOption is an option for a new ModuleReader.

func WithMessageWriter Uses

func WithMessageWriter(messageWriter io.Writer) ModuleReaderOption

WithMessageWriter adds the given Writer to print messages.

This is typically stderr. The default is to not print messages.

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