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package manager

import ""


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type Manager Uses

type Manager struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager is the entity that manages a collection of nodes

func NewManager Uses

func NewManager(name string, dp datapath.NodeHandler) (*Manager, error)

NewManager returns a new node manager

func (*Manager) Close Uses

func (m *Manager) Close()

Close shuts down a node manager

func (*Manager) ClusterSizeDependantInterval Uses

func (m *Manager) ClusterSizeDependantInterval(baseInterval time.Duration) time.Duration

ClusterSizeDependantInterval returns a time.Duration that is dependant on the cluster size, i.e. the number of nodes that have been discovered. This can be used to control sync intervals of shared or centralized resources to avoid overloading these resources as the cluster grows.

Example sync interval with baseInterval = 1 * time.Minute

nodes | sync interval ------+----------------- 1 | 41.588830833s 2 | 1m05.916737320s 4 | 1m36.566274746s 8 | 2m11.833474640s 16 | 2m49.992800643s 32 | 3m29.790453687s 64 | 4m10.463236193s 128 | 4m51.588744261s 256 | 5m32.944565093s 512 | 6m14.416550710s 1024 | 6m55.946873494s 2048 | 7m37.506428894s 4096 | 8m19.080616652s 8192 | 9m00.662124608s 16384 | 9m42.247293667s

func (*Manager) DeleteAllNodes Uses

func (m *Manager) DeleteAllNodes()

DeleteAllNodes deletes all nodes from the node maanger.

func (*Manager) Exists Uses

func (m *Manager) Exists(id node.Identity) bool

Exists returns true if a node with the name exists

func (*Manager) GetNodeIdentities Uses

func (m *Manager) GetNodeIdentities() []node.Identity

GetNodeIdentities returns a list of all node identities store in node manager.

func (*Manager) GetNodes Uses

func (m *Manager) GetNodes() map[node.Identity]node.Node

GetNodes returns a copy of all of the nodes as a map from Identity to Node.

func (*Manager) Iter Uses

func (m *Manager) Iter(f func(nh datapath.NodeHandler))

Iter executes the given function in all subscribed node handlers.

func (*Manager) NodeDeleted Uses

func (m *Manager) NodeDeleted(n node.Node)

NodeDeleted is called after a node has been deleted. It removes the node from the manager if the node is still owned by the source of which the event orgins from. If the node was removed, NodeDelete() is invoked of the datapath interface.

func (*Manager) NodeUpdated Uses

func (m *Manager) NodeUpdated(n node.Node)

NodeUpdated is called after the information of a node has been updated. The node in the manager is added or updated if the source is allowed to update the node. If an update or addition has occurred, NodeUpdate() of the datapath interface is invoked.

func (*Manager) Subscribe Uses

func (m *Manager) Subscribe(nh datapath.NodeHandler)

Subscribe subscribes the given node handler to node events.

func (*Manager) Unsubscribe Uses

func (m *Manager) Unsubscribe(nh datapath.NodeHandler)

Unsubscribe unsubscribes the given node handler with node events.

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