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package cli

import ""


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flags.go query.go tx.go utils.go


const (
    FlagAddressValidator    = "validator"
    FlagAddressValidatorSrc = "addr-validator-source"
    FlagAddressValidatorDst = "addr-validator-dest"
    FlagPubKey              = "pubkey"
    FlagAmount              = "amount"
    FlagSharesAmount        = "shares-amount"
    FlagSharesFraction      = "shares-fraction"

    FlagMoniker         = "moniker"
    FlagIdentity        = "identity"
    FlagWebsite         = "website"
    FlagSecurityContact = "security-contact"
    FlagDetails         = "details"

    FlagCommissionRate          = "commission-rate"
    FlagCommissionMaxRate       = "commission-max-rate"
    FlagCommissionMaxChangeRate = "commission-max-change-rate"

    FlagMinSelfDelegation = "min-self-delegation"

    FlagGenesisFormat = "genesis-format"
    FlagNodeID        = "node-id"
    FlagIP            = "ip"

func BuildCreateValidatorMsg Uses

func BuildCreateValidatorMsg(clientCtx client.Context, config TxCreateValidatorConfig, txBldr tx.Factory, generateOnly bool) (tx.Factory, sdk.Msg, error)

BuildCreateValidatorMsg makes a new MsgCreateValidator.

func CreateValidatorMsgFlagSet Uses

func CreateValidatorMsgFlagSet(ipDefault string) (fs *flag.FlagSet, defaultsDesc string)

Return the flagset, particular flags, and a description of defaults this is anticipated to be used with the gen-tx

func FlagSetAmount Uses

func FlagSetAmount() *flag.FlagSet

FlagSetAmount Returns the FlagSet for amount related operations.

func FlagSetCommissionCreate Uses

func FlagSetCommissionCreate() *flag.FlagSet

FlagSetCommissionCreate Returns the FlagSet used for commission create.

func FlagSetMinSelfDelegation Uses

func FlagSetMinSelfDelegation() *flag.FlagSet

FlagSetMinSelfDelegation Returns the FlagSet used for minimum set delegation.

func FlagSetPublicKey Uses

func FlagSetPublicKey() *flag.FlagSet

FlagSetPublicKey Returns the flagset for Public Key related operations.

func GetCmdQueryDelegation Uses

func GetCmdQueryDelegation() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryDelegation the query delegation command.

func GetCmdQueryDelegations Uses

func GetCmdQueryDelegations() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryDelegations implements the command to query all the delegations made from one delegator.

func GetCmdQueryHistoricalInfo Uses

func GetCmdQueryHistoricalInfo() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryHistoricalInfo implements the historical info query command

func GetCmdQueryParams Uses

func GetCmdQueryParams() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryParams implements the params query command.

func GetCmdQueryPool Uses

func GetCmdQueryPool() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryPool implements the pool query command.

func GetCmdQueryRedelegation Uses

func GetCmdQueryRedelegation() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryRedelegation implements the command to query a single redelegation record.

func GetCmdQueryRedelegations Uses

func GetCmdQueryRedelegations() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryRedelegations implements the command to query all the redelegation records for a delegator.

func GetCmdQueryUnbondingDelegation Uses

func GetCmdQueryUnbondingDelegation() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryUnbondingDelegation implements the command to query a single unbonding-delegation record.

func GetCmdQueryUnbondingDelegations Uses

func GetCmdQueryUnbondingDelegations() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryUnbondingDelegations implements the command to query all the unbonding-delegation records for a delegator.

func GetCmdQueryValidator Uses

func GetCmdQueryValidator() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryValidator implements the validator query command.

func GetCmdQueryValidatorDelegations Uses

func GetCmdQueryValidatorDelegations() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryValidatorDelegations implements the command to query all the delegations to a specific validator.

func GetCmdQueryValidatorRedelegations Uses

func GetCmdQueryValidatorRedelegations() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryValidatorRedelegations implements the query all redelegatations from a validator command.

func GetCmdQueryValidatorUnbondingDelegations Uses

func GetCmdQueryValidatorUnbondingDelegations() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryValidatorUnbondingDelegations implements the query all unbonding delegatations from a validator command.

func GetCmdQueryValidators Uses

func GetCmdQueryValidators() *cobra.Command

GetCmdQueryValidators implements the query all validators command.

func GetQueryCmd Uses

func GetQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

GetQueryCmd returns the cli query commands for this module

func NewBuildCreateValidatorMsg Uses

func NewBuildCreateValidatorMsg(clientCtx client.Context, txf tx.Factory, fs *flag.FlagSet) (tx.Factory, sdk.Msg, error)

func NewCreateValidatorCmd Uses

func NewCreateValidatorCmd() *cobra.Command

func NewDelegateCmd Uses

func NewDelegateCmd() *cobra.Command

func NewEditValidatorCmd Uses

func NewEditValidatorCmd() *cobra.Command

func NewRedelegateCmd Uses

func NewRedelegateCmd() *cobra.Command

func NewTxCmd Uses

func NewTxCmd() *cobra.Command

NewTxCmd returns a root CLI command handler for all x/staking transaction commands.

func NewUnbondCmd Uses

func NewUnbondCmd() *cobra.Command

type TxCreateValidatorConfig Uses

type TxCreateValidatorConfig struct {
    ChainID string
    NodeID  string
    Moniker string

    Amount string

    CommissionRate          string
    CommissionMaxRate       string
    CommissionMaxChangeRate string
    MinSelfDelegation       string

    PubKey string

    IP              string
    Website         string
    SecurityContact string
    Details         string
    Identity        string

func PrepareConfigForTxCreateValidator Uses

func PrepareConfigForTxCreateValidator(flagSet *flag.FlagSet, moniker, nodeID, chainID string, valPubKey crypto.PubKey) (TxCreateValidatorConfig, error)

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