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package exported

import ""


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type DelegationI Uses

type DelegationI interface {
    GetDelegatorAddr() sdk.AccAddress // delegator sdk.AccAddress for the bond
    GetValidatorAddr() sdk.ValAddress // validator operator address
    GetShares() sdk.Dec               // amount of validator's shares held in this delegation

DelegationI delegation bond for a delegated proof of stake system

type ValidatorI Uses

type ValidatorI interface {
    IsJailed() bool                                         // whether the validator is jailed
    GetMoniker() string                                     // moniker of the validator
    GetStatus() sdk.BondStatus                              // status of the validator
    IsBonded() bool                                         // check if has a bonded status
    IsUnbonded() bool                                       // check if has status unbonded
    IsUnbonding() bool                                      // check if has status unbonding
    GetOperator() sdk.ValAddress                            // operator address to receive/return validators coins
    GetConsPubKey() crypto.PubKey                           // validation consensus pubkey
    GetConsAddr() sdk.ConsAddress                           // validation consensus address
    GetTokens() sdk.Int                                     // validation tokens
    GetBondedTokens() sdk.Int                               // validator bonded tokens
    GetConsensusPower() int64                               // validation power in tendermint
    GetCommission() sdk.Dec                                 // validator commission rate
    GetMinSelfDelegation() sdk.Int                          // validator minimum self delegation
    GetDelegatorShares() sdk.Dec                            // total outstanding delegator shares
    TokensFromShares(sdk.Dec) sdk.Dec                       // token worth of provided delegator shares
    TokensFromSharesTruncated(sdk.Dec) sdk.Dec              // token worth of provided delegator shares, truncated
    TokensFromSharesRoundUp(sdk.Dec) sdk.Dec                // token worth of provided delegator shares, rounded up
    SharesFromTokens(amt sdk.Int) (sdk.Dec, error)          // shares worth of delegator's bond
    SharesFromTokensTruncated(amt sdk.Int) (sdk.Dec, error) // truncated shares worth of delegator's bond

ValidatorI expected validator functions

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