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package bine

import ""

Bine is a toolkit to assist in creating Tor clients and servers. Features:

* Full support for the Tor controller API

* Support for `net.Conn` and `net.Listen` style APIs

* Supports statically compiled Tor to embed Tor into the binary

* Supports both v2 and v3 onion services

* Support for embedded control socket in Tor >= 0.3.5 (non-Windows)

Users of this library will usually use the high-level tor package. See README at for more info.


Package Files



controlPackage control implements a low-level client for the Tor control spec version 1.
processPackage process is the low-level abstraction for a Tor instance.
process/embeddedPackage embedded implements process interfaces for statically linked, embedded Tor.
process/embedded/tor-0.3.3Package tor033 implements process interfaces for statically linked Tor 0.3.3.x versions.
process/embedded/tor-0.3.5Package tor035 implements process interfaces for statically linked Tor 0.3.5.x versions.
testsPackage tests contains integration tests.
torPackage tor is the high-level client for Tor.
torutilPackage torutil has generic utilities shared across the library.
torutil/ed25519Package ed25519 implements Tor/BitTorrent-like ed25519 keys.
torutil/geoipembedPackage geoipembed contains embedded db files for GeoIP.

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