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package filenotify

import ""

Package filenotify provides a mechanism for watching file(s) for changes. Generally leans on fsnotify, but provides a poll-based notifier which fsnotify does not support. These are wrapped up in a common interface so that either can be used interchangeably in your code.


Package Files

filenotify.go fsnotify.go poller.go

type FileWatcher Uses

type FileWatcher interface {
    Events() <-chan fsnotify.Event
    Errors() <-chan error
    Add(name string) error
    Remove(name string) error
    Close() error

FileWatcher is an interface for implementing file notification watchers

func New Uses

func New() (FileWatcher, error)

New tries to use an fs-event watcher, and falls back to the poller if there is an error

func NewEventWatcher Uses

func NewEventWatcher() (FileWatcher, error)

NewEventWatcher returns an fs-event based file watcher

func NewPollingWatcher Uses

func NewPollingWatcher() FileWatcher

NewPollingWatcher returns a poll-based file watcher

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