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package api

import ""


Package Files

find_key.go rpc_api.go

type KeyManagementServer Uses

type KeyManagementServer struct {
    CryptoServices signer.CryptoServiceIndex

KeyManagementServer implements the KeyManagementServer grpc interface

func (*KeyManagementServer) CreateKey Uses

func (s *KeyManagementServer) CreateKey(ctx context.Context, req *pb.CreateKeyRequest) (*pb.PublicKey, error)

CreateKey returns a PublicKey created using KeyManagementServer's SigningService

func (*KeyManagementServer) DeleteKey Uses

func (s *KeyManagementServer) DeleteKey(ctx context.Context, keyID *pb.KeyID) (*pb.Void, error)

DeleteKey deletes they key associated with a KeyID

func (*KeyManagementServer) GetKeyInfo Uses

func (s *KeyManagementServer) GetKeyInfo(ctx context.Context, keyID *pb.KeyID) (*pb.GetKeyInfoResponse, error)

GetKeyInfo returns they PublicKey associated with a KeyID

type SignerServer Uses

type SignerServer struct {
    CryptoServices signer.CryptoServiceIndex

SignerServer implements the SignerServer grpc interface

func (*SignerServer) Sign Uses

func (s *SignerServer) Sign(ctx context.Context, sr *pb.SignatureRequest) (*pb.Signature, error)

Sign signs a message and returns the signature using a private key associate with the KeyID from the SignatureRequest

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