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package restapi

import "github.com/go-swagger/go-swagger/examples/todo-list/restapi"

Package restapi Simple To Do List API

This is a simple todo list API
illustrating go-swagger codegen

Terms Of Service:
  There are actually none.
  This is for demonstration purpose only.

Host: localhost
BasePath: /
Version: 0.1.0
License: Apache 2.0 https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
Contact: go-openapi maintainers<nowhere@example.com> https://github.com/go-openapi

  - application/io.swagger.examples.todo-list.v1+json

  - application/io.swagger.examples.todo-list.v1+json



Package Files

configure_todo_list.go doc.go embedded_spec.go server.go


var (
    // SwaggerJSON embedded version of the swagger document used at generation time
    SwaggerJSON json.RawMessage
    // FlatSwaggerJSON embedded flattened version of the swagger document used at generation time
    FlatSwaggerJSON json.RawMessage

type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    EnabledListeners []string
    CleanupTimeout   time.Duration
    GracefulTimeout  time.Duration
    MaxHeaderSize    flagext.ByteSize

    SocketPath string

    Host         string
    Port         int
    ListenLimit  int
    KeepAlive    time.Duration
    ReadTimeout  time.Duration
    WriteTimeout time.Duration

    TLSHost           string
    TLSPort           int
    TLSCertificate    string
    TLSCertificateKey string
    TLSCACertificate  string
    TLSListenLimit    int
    TLSKeepAlive      time.Duration
    TLSReadTimeout    time.Duration
    TLSWriteTimeout   time.Duration
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server for the todo list API

func NewServer Uses

func NewServer(api *operations.TodoListAPI) *Server

NewServer creates a new api todo list server but does not configure it

func (*Server) ConfigureAPI Uses

func (s *Server) ConfigureAPI()

ConfigureAPI configures the API and handlers.

func (*Server) ConfigureFlags Uses

func (s *Server) ConfigureFlags()

ConfigureFlags configures the additional flags defined by the handlers. Needs to be called before the parser.Parse

func (*Server) Fatalf Uses

func (s *Server) Fatalf(f string, args ...interface{})

Fatalf logs message either via defined user logger or via system one if no user logger is defined. Exits with non-zero status after printing

func (*Server) GetHandler Uses

func (s *Server) GetHandler() http.Handler

GetHandler returns a handler useful for testing

func (*Server) HTTPListener Uses

func (s *Server) HTTPListener() (net.Listener, error)

HTTPListener returns the http listener

func (*Server) Listen Uses

func (s *Server) Listen() error

Listen creates the listeners for the server

func (*Server) Logf Uses

func (s *Server) Logf(f string, args ...interface{})

Logf logs message either via defined user logger or via system one if no user logger is defined.

func (*Server) Serve Uses

func (s *Server) Serve() (err error)

Serve the api

func (*Server) SetAPI Uses

func (s *Server) SetAPI(api *operations.TodoListAPI)

SetAPI configures the server with the specified API. Needs to be called before Serve

func (*Server) SetHandler Uses

func (s *Server) SetHandler(handler http.Handler)

SetHandler allows for setting a http handler on this server

func (*Server) Shutdown Uses

func (s *Server) Shutdown() error

Shutdown server and clean up resources

func (*Server) TLSListener Uses

func (s *Server) TLSListener() (net.Listener, error)

TLSListener returns the https listener

func (*Server) UnixListener Uses

func (s *Server) UnixListener() (net.Listener, error)

UnixListener returns the domain socket listener



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