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package rwmutex

import ""

Package rwmutex provides switch of concurrent safe feature for sync.RWMutex.


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type RWMutex Uses

type RWMutex struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RWMutex is a sync.RWMutex with a switch of concurrent safe feature.

func New Uses

func New(unsafe ...bool) *RWMutex

func (*RWMutex) IsSafe Uses

func (mu *RWMutex) IsSafe() bool

func (*RWMutex) Lock Uses

func (mu *RWMutex) Lock()

func (*RWMutex) RLock Uses

func (mu *RWMutex) RLock()

func (*RWMutex) RUnlock Uses

func (mu *RWMutex) RUnlock()

func (*RWMutex) Unlock Uses

func (mu *RWMutex) Unlock()

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