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package gsmtp

import ""

Package gsmtp provides a SMTP client to access remote mail server.

eg: s := smtp.New("", "", "password") glog.Println(s.SendMail("", ";", "subject", "body, <font color=red>red</font>"))


Package Files


type SMTP Uses

type SMTP struct {
    Address  string
    Username string
    Password string

func New Uses

func New(address, username, password string) *SMTP

New creates and returns a new SMTP object.

func (*SMTP) SendMail Uses

func (s *SMTP) SendMail(from, tos, subject, body string, contentType ...string) error

SendMail connects to the server at addr, switches to TLS if possible, authenticates with the optional mechanism a if possible, and then sends an email from address from, to addresses to, with message msg.

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