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package model

import "github.com/google/exposure-notifications-server/internal/federationin/model"

Package model is a model abstraction of federation in.


Package Files


type FederationInQuery Uses

type FederationInQuery struct {
    QueryID        string
    ServerAddr     string
    Audience       string
    IncludeRegions []string
    ExcludeRegions []string
    LastTimestamp  time.Time

FederationInQuery represents a configuration to pull federation results from other servers.

type FederationInSync Uses

type FederationInSync struct {
    SyncID       int64
    QueryID      string
    Started      time.Time
    Completed    time.Time
    Insertions   int
    MaxTimestamp time.Time

FederationInSync is the result of a federation query pulled from other servers.

type FederationOutAuthorization Uses

type FederationOutAuthorization struct {
    Issuer  string
    Subject string
    // Audience is optional, but will be validated against the OIDC token if provided.
    Audience       string
    Note           string
    IncludeRegions []string
    ExcludeRegions []string

FederationOutAuthorization is an authorized client that reads federation data from this server.

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