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package source

import ""

Package source holds all the assets for Statping. This includes CSS, JS, SCSS, HTML and other website related content. This package uses Rice to compile all assets into a single 'rice-box.go' file.

Required Dependencies

- rice -> - sass ->

Compile Assets

To compile all the HTML, JS, SCSS, CSS and image assets you'll need to have rice and sass installed on your local system.

sass source/scss/base.scss source/css/base.css
cd source && rice embed-go

More info on:

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Package Files

doc.go source.go wiki.go


var (
    CssBox  *rice.Box // CSS files from the 'source/css' directory, this will be loaded into '/assets/css'
    ScssBox *rice.Box // SCSS files from the 'source/scss' directory, this will be loaded into '/assets/scss'
    JsBox   *rice.Box // JS files from the 'source/js' directory, this will be loaded into '/assets/js'
    TmplBox *rice.Box // HTML and other small files from the 'source/tmpl' directory, this will be loaded into '/assets'
    FontBox *rice.Box // HTML and other small files from the 'source/tmpl' directory, this will be loaded into '/assets'
var CompiledWiki = []byte("" /* 73746 byte string literal not displayed */)

func Assets Uses

func Assets() error

Assets will load the Rice boxes containing the CSS, SCSS, JS, and HTML files.

func CompileSASS Uses

func CompileSASS(folder string) error

CompileSASS will attempt to compile the SASS files into CSS

func CopyAllToPublic Uses

func CopyAllToPublic(box *rice.Box, folder string) error

CopyAllToPublic will copy all the files in a rice box into a local folder

func CopyToPublic Uses

func CopyToPublic(box *rice.Box, folder, file string) error

CopyToPublic will create a file from a rice Box to the '/assets' directory

func CreateAllAssets Uses

func CreateAllAssets(folder string) error

CreateAllAssets will dump HTML, CSS, SCSS, and JS assets into the '/assets' directory

func DeleteAllAssets Uses

func DeleteAllAssets(folder string) error

DeleteAllAssets will delete the '/assets' folder

func HelpMarkdown Uses

func HelpMarkdown() string

HelpMarkdown will return the Markdown of into HTML

func MakePublicFolder Uses

func MakePublicFolder(folder string) error

MakePublicFolder will create a new folder

func OpenAsset Uses

func OpenAsset(folder, file string) string

OpenAsset returns a file's contents as a string


OpenAsset("js", "main.js")

func SaveAsset Uses

func SaveAsset(data []byte, folder, file string) error

SaveAsset will save an asset to the '/assets/' folder.


data := []byte("alert('helloooo')")
SaveAsset(data, "js", "test.js")

func UsingAssets Uses

func UsingAssets(folder string) bool

UsingAssets returns true if the '/assets' folder is found in the directory

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